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Too weird to live, and too rare to die.

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So like, am I the first? o___O;

Glompee: Pietro//bamf_girl
Character I'm glomping: Sanji
Show: One Piece

A cup o' sex, if you will.

Glompee: Still Pietro...
Character: Captain Kuro
Show: One Piece

I'd classify him as... unfuckwitable, I'm like, the only fangirl. ;-;

Glompee: Take a guess =D
Character: Brooklyn
Show: Gargoyles

If we slept together, it wouldn't be beasiality, it would be demon hentai. =D

Glompee: Jesus Pietro
Character: Nightcrawler//Kurt Wagner
Show: X-Men: Evolution

Mutation is the key to our evolution.

Uhm, hope I did everything right... o.o I'll probably make banenrs for them if these glomps are okay.
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