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glompsrus's Journal

A Glomping Claim Community
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1) The first ten are allowed to glomp 4 people. Thereafter, 3 to a person.

2) Please post your claims in this manner: Name (your name or just lj name), Name of person being glomped (pic is opt.) and if they are from: ANIME/BOOK/MANGA/MOVIE or a REAL PERSON. (Note. You can glomp manga Sanji but not manga Sanji and Anime Sanji. One or the other.)

3) Yes, you can remove a person and claim another to glomp, but no more 3/4 at ONE time, depending on when you made your claims.

4) Feel free to pimp out other comms, but only ONCE.

5) Yes, you can claim Real People. Also - you can claim Johnny Depp and Jack Sparrow at the same time. (unlike manga/anime where it's one or the other. One is the Person and another is a charcter he played, so not quite the same)

6) If you going to remove someone, please post their name and their listing.
Example: I would like to remove Jack Sparrow from MOVIE: PoTC and replace with: Willy Wonka from Movie: Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

7) There is no rule seven. xD

8) Boy can glomp boys and girls can glomp girls. Glomping knows NO GENDER.

9) People who make banners for others/for the com will earn extra claims!

10) Please feel free to post stories, drabbles, art for your glomps in the comm. However, anything that is more the PG MUST!! be behind a cut.

I Glomp
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